A game of fates (all players welcome

Playing D&D 5E
Next Game Will Be 1508781600
Total Players Needed 6
Game Type Role Playing Game
Frequency Played Weekly
Audio / Visual Voice only
Primary Language English
New Players are Welcome Yes
Mature Content(18+) No
Pay to Play No

this is a game for new players and experienced players alike this will hopefully give some people experience with the game this game will be set in the world of alatis where i set all my games(all 2 of them) as it allows me to develop the world in each new game i look forward to hearing from some of you if you wish to ask any questions post them below this game will be serious at times and will be comedic at times im not the greatest gm who ever lived nor am i even good at but i try to make the games fun for every one

currently in party

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4 Players (2 Open Slots)

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