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Tyranny in Tal'Dorei (Fri)

Playing D&D 5E
Next Game Will Be 1515191400
Total Players Needed 8
Game Type Role Playing Game
Frequency Played Weekly
Audio / Visual Voice only
Primary Language English
New Players are Welcome Yes
Mature Content(18+) No
Pay to Play $4 per hour - 1st session $5

Hello and welcome!

New Player ARE welcome:
I love teaching this game to new players so please, if you have little to no experience with D&D don't be afraid to send in an application.

The module we will be running is Tyranny of Dragons which consists of Hoard of the Dragon Queen & Rise of Tiamat .... With a twist though, it'll be set in Tal'Dorei (land of critical role)

This adventure will last for 24-28 weeks roughly (depending on party play style).

About Me:
Hey My name is Liam and I am 22 years old and working towards an degree in computing with a plan to specialise into ethical hacking & cyber security, I chose D&D as my game of choice as I feel like it allows me to work out better plans & stories compared to the limitations of other games. I always get a kick to see the unique characters people come up with in the world I present them with, It's always interesting to watch them grow in unexpected ways and bring new unforeseen aspects to the character.I tend to throw a good mix of RP as well as combat, I like to see people join in but no one will be forced to act in any one scene . I also don't like artificially forcing the game forward because it makes the game feel a little stale at time but if there's a point where you guys need a little push I might do it for sake of moving the plot forward. I also have a few of my own rules that I use to expand upon the current rules of D&D as It make the game flow better in my opinion. I've been GM'ing games for about 8 years now.
I'm currently running games on Tuesdays, Thursdays & Sundays. So far I've had no complaints! I've recently started off with a group on Tuesdays with plans of a shared universe & of course to let major events ripple back & forth between the groups. (They will be playing through Storm Kings Thunder)

Character Creation:
We will be playing D&D5e, with character options from the following...
*Player's Handbook
*Dungeon Master's Guide
*Elemental Evil Player's Companion
*Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide
*Volo's Guide to Monsters
*Xanathar's Guide to Everything
We will be using the 27 point buy system (presented on page 13 of the PHB) for your stats.

I currently live in the UK. Sessions are once a week and about 3-4 hours, but sometimes we go over a bit depending on circumstances. If you’re available by all means send an application!

Supporting me allows me to keep my craft sharp and continue creating experiences for you and others. Per session, players will have to pay the fee at the end each session, outside your first session which'll cost $5. What you’re getting is far beyond simply being entertained, it will get you…

*Four hour session once a week.
*Help with character creation, Any & all relevant information will be provided
*Hours of invested time insuring a free to roam open world, detailed NPCs, fleshed out towns, and a knowledge of the core game + it's extended universe.
*Combat maps for encounters when applicable.
*An in depth theatre of the mind experience

Once I get a steady income, I have plans to implement the following
*Pro Account to provide even more options for you guys
*Dynamic Lighting for those dungeon crawls.
*Maps for every encounter
*Back-Up GM for times that I'm unwell or away (Those sessions will also be free)

Just remember to PayPal me the money after the session end & We can discuss discounts on bulk payments
General rules

*DISCORD is what we will be using for voice and text chat.
*Please be on time for sessions, this way you get the most for your money. Life does come first, but please message me or the discord group so we know if you’re going to miss out.
*We are playing this game together, and is mainly about teamwork. An open-mind and positive attitude are going to ensure that we all have the best time possible.
*Please, no rules lawyers, I try to follow the RAW as best I can, but sometimes for sake of story and fun I gloss over them. "The Code is more what you call guidelines..."
*Not a huge fan of PvP, Unless it's absolutely necessary (which I doubt it will be). Obviously if a team mate is charmed and is forced to attack you, that's a different story, Attack away!
Well that’s everything, if you are wanting to join this group, please drop a submission in the application thread. If you have a question, please submit it in the questions thread and I will get back to you ASAP!

Want to join this game? Make a post in the discussion forum below and let the GM know!

7 Players (1 Open Slots)

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