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Eclipse Phase 2.0 open beta: WIP (Original)

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Next Game Will Be 1517446800
Total Players Needed 8
Game Type Role Playing Game
Frequency Non-Recurring (One-Time) Game
Audio / Visual Voice only
Primary Language English
New Players are Welcome Yes
Mature Content(18+) No
Pay to Play i No
Pick Up Game i No

*The only date left open is December 23rd at 2pm PST

**This game will be 2nd edition. Changes to characters and mechanics have been made from First Edition.

***Ignore what the Players Needed says, The Quick-Start comes with 4 pregens, so 4 players.

****Eclipse Phase Quick-Start: Acrimony. Will be a One or Two session game.

I am checking the interest for those wanting to try out and play the new Eclipse Phase (Second Edition) Quick-Start scenario: Acrimony. It is available on Drive Thru for those interested. I want to give the new rules and mechanics a test run and I am sure I am not the only one. I want to state that new players are welcome. I have run the game before but there are changes to the game mechanics. Discord will be used for this voice only game.

The game should only last a game session or two. I do not care if players read the scenario in advance, try to keep the metagaming to a min please if you do so. Even though I have run the game before, it has been a while so I will be rusty. I will be looking at this as a learning experience for myself and the players. Because EP is a sci-fi setting I want anyone asking to join to add what their favorite sci-fi movie, tv show or book is. I do try to stay close to what is written but I can go setting lite at times. Players will be using the pre-gen characters for the scenario, I believe that is the easiest way to go.

So if you have any questions feel free to ask here or send me a PM.

I have been asked about the pregens This is a real quick description:

1) Amal: SynthmorphArachnid . Brinker/Security Specialist
2) Chi: Biomorph
Sylph. Mindhacker/Social Networker
3) Njal: Infomorphwirehead. Anarchist Hacker/Pilot
4) Svafa: Biomorph
Futura. Titanian Science Police Inspector

Want to join this game? Make a post in the discussion forum below and let the GM know!

1 Players (7 Open Slots)

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