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Where to donate to support Sex Workers during COVID-19 In light of the mass shooting of 8 Asian massage workers in Atlanta Georgie by a white supremacist, we are also encouraging folks to donate to Thank you to all of the sex workers who donated to BLM and SW relief funds via our TLC donation matching program in 2020. You raised over $9000! Due to the programs success and the continuing threat covid poses to the community, we have decided to extend this program until March 31st 2021. The sex work community has been particularly badly hit by COVID-19. We depend on contact and interaction for our livelihood. Prior to this crisis, sex work has been a social safety net for (chiefly woman and queer) people to support themselves. Without free and easy access to safe sex work practices, many people are put further at risk. To safely get through this crisis, many workers are having to isolate and lose their income. This has unfortunately lead to a rise in workers falling into homelessness. If you can afford to donate to any of the below COVID-19 relief funds, please do. From July 10th 2020 to March 31st 2021, we will be matching donations of up to $100 in TLC (Devozki credits), made to any sex worker covid-19 relief fund.How to take part If you'd like to donate and take part, please forward your donation receipt through to and you've provided a link to your profile. We will be deleting these receipts at the end of the year to ensure any information is kept private. We will be checking to ensure the receipts are unique. These are some organisations we recommend donating to but please remember it is your responsibility to ensure you are well-informed and happy with the intended purposes of your donation. If you are running a COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund for Sex Workers and are not listed below, please. We'd also like to say a massive thank you to the organizers of these relief funds. I don't think any of us could have enough gratitude towards the invaluable work that these organizations are doing.