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A Complete Guide to Structure an Argumentative Essay in AMA Format 

An argumentative essay is a kind of essay which takes a position in an essay. A writer, when he uses write my essay service in a good argumentative essay attempts to convince the reader about his perspective regarding a topic by stating the rational reasoning and supporting details for the claim. 

An argumentative essay is usually assigned to the high schoolers as well as the college students. Primarily, they are based on technology, science, health, politics, and health care.

Argumentative essays are the most challenging form of the essay because you have to provide strong supporting details for your position. I once asked my sister who is a research analyst to write my essay online for my college final project when I was not proficient in writing the argumentative essay. Asking for help can prove to be of greater help while structuring your essay.            

As you begin to write a persuasive essay, you need multiple opinions to back your claims. An improper structure of your essay can ruin your strongest arguments even if they have been stated with strong evidence and rational reasoning. Prior to writing an essay, it is imperative to learn every single element of the argumentative essay depending upon the kind of audience you would be targeting.

Components of An Argumentative Essay 

  • Position

First of all, you need to take a clear position either you will write in support or against the idea. You have to make up a certain point to express why you took the stance initially.

  • Evidence 

The evidence means all the supporting details which back your claim. An essay writer online has to provide a factual substantiation for the reason for the reasoning from external sources. When a claim is lacking proof, the evidence can never be considered.

It is important to provide complete references and citations from where your evidence has been generated. If you are unable to find the reference, then your evidence might never be considered in your argumentative essay.        

  • Counter Arguments

A counter-narrative is when you are going to present the other side of a problem. Online essay writer have to provide the opposite side of the argument or point of view. After you have stated the counterarguments, you need to express why they are falsified, ineffective, and weak by stating the evidence.    

AMA Format Defined

An AMA format is defined as a standard format for organizing and arranging the research article. It aids the students in the field of healthcare, nursing, medicine, social sciences, engineering, psychology, anthropology, behavioral science and environmental science to state their ideas with a comprehensive structure for the audience who are reading the essay. 

The Basic AMA Formatting for Argumentative Essays

            The basic AMA guidelines have never changed since 1962. The fundamental principles of the AMA formatting include the number of the superscript added into the essay and citing the source in the bibliography with the number.

 General Guidelines 

You have to make sure that you include the following rules while writing an essay in AMA format.

  • Use margins of 1 inch   
  • Double-space your content
  • The font type can be any but the font size should be 12. You can make use of two typefaces (for instance sans serif for subheads and titles and serif for the body text) with good use of styles like italic or bold for the scholarly publication  
  • Always use ½” indentation styles
  • The page numbers should be added such as begin with a title page. The consecutive page numbers should be added. 
  • References need to be numbered in the order in which references are cited in the research paper.  
  • Every reference number need to correspond with the citation number
  • The bibliographical entry needs to include the last name of the writer and the middle and first name of the writer without the initial punctuation
  • The bibliographical categories need to be separated through the periods
  • Add issue number in the brackets after volume numbers
  • Use the last first initial of the first name and the complete last name of the author in the reference list. The titles of the materials should be abbreviated or italicized on the basis of the National Library of Citation Database

References in AMA Referencing

            The format of AMA means that the Reference List or text needs to use proper stylistic techniques. It includes capitalizing the headings or using the margins and the spaces, the text styles, font, spacing for graphs, shape, and size of the paper, placement of page numbers etcetera. Some of the general formatting guidelines for AMA citation are as follows:

  • Author (s)
  • Article title
  • Corresponding superscript number
  • Abbreviated Journal Title
  • Date; Volume (issue); pages
  • Online Journal Articles       

It is not recommended to use initialisms or abbreviations. It can include well-recognized terms and units of measurement. Never place a period between the letters of the initialism, abbreviation, or acronym.

Most of the students find it quite hard to write an essay. Hence they look for a professional paper writing service that would help them in their essay writing and help them score good grades. It is not always preferred to hire a professional essay writer but in case you are unable to write it for yourself, you can seek professional help.   

When you have to provide the date in the content of your paper, the numerals should be used for the year or a day. To indicate the time you can make use of PM or AM in small letters.

I hope by now you might have understood the basics of AMA in an argumentative essay and following the aforementioned tips and tricks, you can make a lasting impression on your readers.  Good luck with your writing.     

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