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Evil Mastermind

t Member since 07/29/15 \/ G GM of 8 games \/ 936 Hours Played \/ 46 Forum Posts

As my Bio, I have decided to write out several pointers to describe me. If these appeal to what you're looking for, I'm your psychopath:

  • I am a very serious player and if it's possible I always choose the rogue/specialist type class and everything.
  • If possible, I ALWAYS choose my race as human. Even if that would mean major disadvantages.
  • I am not exactly the most good of the lot as far as alignments go.
  • I enjoy extreme encounter difficulty (Which drives you to somehow either avoid or outsmart them) and puzzles.
  • I see my character as an actual person dealing with a certain situation. I will never charge at an enormous foe or taking a very risky choice if there's an easier way to go about it.
  • I like planning. I ADORE planning. Mainly heists, but coming up with a plan or asessing a situation for the optimal solution is what I was born to do.
  • I am a control freak. I like to keep order and control in any and all situations. (This is basicaly just an addition to the thing above.)
  • I ALWAYS come on time to a session and if not, I will always send a notice as soon as possible. (Unless my internet would be mysteriously shut down for an extended period of time, during which I wouldn't be able to send a notice.)
  • I ALWAYS respond to personal messages.
  • My time zone is +1.
Enjoys Playing
D&D 5E, Dungeon World, Other Games, Shadowrun ( Any Edition )
Actively Seeking Group For
Basic Fantasy RPG System, D&D 5E, Dungeon World, Other Games, Pathfinder, Savage Worlds ( Deadlands: Reloaded, Evernight... ), Shadowrun ( Any Edition )