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loz l.

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He glanced at us furtively, but kept himself occupied.It grew obvious that he was protracting his time.Finally, he could delay no longer and came to the desk.As he came his expression revealed the [lie]( [he]( [was]( [to]( [speak.It]( [was]( [then]( [about]( [eleven]( [o’clock,]( [and]( [I]( [sought]( [the]( [eyes]( [of]( [the]( [clerk]( and asked if he expected any rooms to be vacated at noon.Draw a line between each fragment in the left column and one fragment in the right column to create a word.If you listen to the tape closely, you can hear Tammy and Cyndi whispering _________________ in the background.Once the tenants had _________________ the apartment, the landlord was able to replace the carpeting.The two committee members kept on quibbling over a trivial point, thereby _________________ the meeting.Much to her _________________, Melissa realized that her comment had deeply offended their host.The witness was clearly intimidated by the atmosphere of the courtroom and consequently _________________ through most of his testimony.Unscramble each of the following words.Use the hints below as needed.Draw a line between words that have the same meaning.Read the following passage and use contextual information to guess the meanings of the underlined words.Not long before the Jackson family’s annual camping trip, Hal Jackson slipped on a patch of ice and sprained his ankle.Hal concealed the injury from his family and tried to take care of it himself, but his efforts were stymied by the fact that he was a construction worker and had to be on his feet all day.Soon he became cognizant of the fact that the ankle was seriously damaged and wouldn’t heal in time for the trip.He divulged the details of his injury at a family dinner two days before they were scheduled to leave, then he announced that, regretfully, he would not be able to join them this year.You old sissy, exclaimed one of his brothers, trying to goad Hal