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The Roach

t Member since 01/30/13 \/ G GM of 2 games \/ 757 Hours Played \/ 5 Forum Posts

I am a German with lots of years of RPG experience. At 55 yrs., I have e.g. GMed CoC for the German publisher on cons amd have a blog with game reviews.

Since I suffered a stroke, I am hemiplegic and have to work on my computer skills again ( dictating with Dragon Naturally &c), but try to keep up.

Enjoys Playing
Call of Cthulhu ( Any Edition ), Das Schwarze Auge, FATE ( Core, Accelerated, Dresden Files... ), Maid RPG, Savage Worlds ( Deadlands: Reloaded, Evernight... ), Splittermond, Star Wars ( Edge of the Empire, SAGA... )