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Starting a Piso Wifi Vending Machine Business with Piso wifi vendo pause time feature

The PISO WIFI VENDING MACHINE works by tapping on the CP. The customer connects to wifi through the machine and inserts a coin as payment. Once the customer has paid for the time they have purchased, the machine will automatically disconnect from the wifi and reconnect the next time the customer wants to buy something. It also has the best saving feature that is Piso wifi vendo pause time.  The customer can also choose the method of payment for the products. The machine accepts 1 peso coins and new coins. In addition, the name of the WiFi business can be set on the device. The WiFi range is 100 meters, but if this is not sufficient, a wifi extender can be used.


If you're a vending machine owner, you've probably wondered what the benefits of Piso are for your business. For starters, it offers a cheap internet connection. It is designed to be convenient for consumers who don't have access to WiFi at home or a computer shop. Customers don't need to register or log in; all they have to do is insert a coin to start surfing the web. Additionally, it gives consumers strong WiFi signal ranges.

If you're a young entrepreneur looking for a great business opportunity, it may be for you. While starting a this vending machine business is easy, it will require capital of P30,000. However, it can generate up to P44,000 a month in sales. The monthly profit will depend on how many machines you have. And it can be very profitable if you have the right resources and know how to market your business effectively.


This Vending Machine offers a cheap internet connection for people who are not at home or do not have access to a home internet connection. People can use it to do their homework or to send urgent emails. The average cost of a Piso Wi-Fi machine is P4,000 per month. And if you have a few of these machines in different locations, you can make P44,000 in a single month. This is a decent income, and it is possible to earn P64,000 in a single month.

The Machine is easy to operate without a staff. It weighs only 4 Kilograms and measures 31 x 24 x 41 cm. If you want to accept credit cards or other payment methods, you can set your WiFi name. You can also purchase a wifi extender to extend the range to a 100-meter range. As long as you have a stable wifi connection, it is easy to install and can cater to a large number of customers at once.

Piso wifi vendo pause time feature

Piso internet providers are the best spot for every one of the people who are non-specialized but need to utilize the web for nothing. is a useful stage that you can use individually. You can deal with the time stopping to deal with the Piso transfer speed, clients and other time-related components.

WiFi ending is an important element in the Piso switch's administrator board. On the off chance that you don't believe your transfer speed should end, you can go for the WiFi stop choices. With the assistance of this element, you can decide to permit or forbid a client from getting to your WiFi.

Operating without a staff

Starting this business doesn't require a large staff. However, it can be a challenge to run without them. It will require you to have someone look over both your locations. For every day you are operating this Machine, you will need to spend around PHP 800 on Internet. If you run your business without a staff, you'll likely be losing money.

It requires only a minimal capital investment. The machine itself costs less than P500. This cost includes a one-time license, so there's no worry about paying the annual renewal fee. Additionally, since the Piso Wii is very popular, your startup cost will be low. You can expect to get a return on investment almost immediately. Additionally, you will earn passive income that requires minimal effort on your part. This kind of business can earn you up to 800 pesos per day without a lot of work.


Setting up a security system is crucial to the success of your Wifi Machine business. While this beneficial machines can provide customers with an instant Wi-Fi hotspot for only Php 1 (or a smaller amount if you prefer), they are also vulnerable to digital attacks. This is why it's important to update operating software and protect admin access. Of course, this doesn't provide you with protection against physical attacks, so you should also invest in a security camera to cover the area.

The machine is easy to install and operates by simply inserting a coin into the slot. Once inserted, it beeps to alert users that their device has been successfully connected to the internet. With the device, people can browse the internet, play online games, or even post to social media. In addition, it accepts various payment options. With the increasing popularity of internet access, it is no surprise that this valuable machine with Piso wifi vendo pause time component is now available everywhere.

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