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Jason Z.

t Member since 02/01/13 \/ G GM of 38 games \/ 4185 Hours Played \/ 994 Forum Posts

For long-term games, I can only do 8-12pm Eastern (New York) weekday evening timeslots. I have a microphone, and am fast enough to play by typing as well. The only language I know well enough to play in is English. I am happy to play with players of any age and orientation.

As a player

I am always interested in trying out a new RPG system and a character concept that I haven't tried before. I try to make characters who explore what's new or interesting about THIS upcoming game in particular. I can't claim to be a great actor, but I'll try, and I am enough of a “writer” that I can usually make an interesting and coherent background and personality. For longer campaigns I also try to give my characters some conflict or room for personal growth. For "gamey" systems like D&D and Pathfinder I like to optimize and be effective, but purposely won’t go crazy. I generally prefer characters with options, e.g. wizard over barbarian. Playing someone very different from myself, like an old grandma or snobby AI, is fine.

Since we're all here to have fun, I don't see much point in flaking on games, hogging the spotlight, breaking other player's comfort preferences, or character infighting in games where that's not welcome. Work and family life does get in the way sometimes, but I do a good job letting the group know in advance when I can’t make it.

I try to take notes as we play. This comes in handy when we all forget what happened last week. :)

As a GM

I usually have a game system, theme, and at least one major threat or situation in mind. Then do a collaborative world-building "Session 0" with the players to set up the PCs and flesh things out. This includes setting up situations and NPCs that will pursue their own goals and threaten what the PCs want. I usually prefer co-operative games where the PCs are all (mainly) on the same side. When I GM games I am heavy on letting the players make their own way through problems, and accept that I'll be heavily improvising as a consequence.

I generally favour games that are light enough on the mechanics to support improvisation. (e.g. Dungeon World over Pathfinder, FATE rather than GURPS). I am up for trying to run some smaller Indie games as well.

Games wishlist to play

D&D 5e, Powered by the Apocalypse ("X" World), FATE, and Lancer are my current go-to games. A great campaign of those and I'm all for it.

"Enjoys playing" lists what I've played or at least read in the past.

The "Actively Seeking Group For" section is what I've played or am interested in trying.

Top on the wish-list to try:
13th Age, Avatar Legends, Blades in the Dark or its spin-offs, Bluebeard's Bride, Daggerheart, Dogs in the Vineyard, Fabula Ultima, Fate Accelerated Edition (and Dresden FAE), Heart the City Beneath, Ironsworn, Lady Blackbird, Legend of the Five Rings 5th Edition (not the D&D5e hack of Lot5R), Masks a New Generation, Microscope, Montsegur 1244, Polaris (by Ben Lehman), Prime Time Adventures, Puppetland, Shadow of the Demon Lord, Spire the City must Fall, Sorcerer, The Quiet Year, The Shadow of Yesterday, Wildsea.

Kinda interested to try, but I'd need some mechanical help getting started:
Burning Wheel/Mouseguard, Cortex System, Dune: Adventures In The Imperium. Forbidden Lands or other Free League games, Pathfinder 2e, Savage Worlds, Shadowrun, Strike!, or Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay.

Plus any weird little indie games you want to try! Seriously!

Enjoys Playing
13th Age RPG, Apocalypse World System ( The Sprawl, Monster Hearts... ), Blades in the Dark, Board Games ( Settlers of Catan, Chess... ), Burning Wheel, Card Games ( Poker, Magic... ), City of Mist, Cypher System Games ( Numenera, The Strange... ), D&D 3.5, D&D 4E, D&D 5E, Dogs in the Vineyard, Dungeon World, End of the World, FATE ( Core, Accelerated, Dresden Files... ), Fiasco, Gamma World ( Any Edition ), LANCER RPG, Lasers and Feelings, Marvel Heroic Roleplaying, Mouse Guard RPG, Mutants and Masterminds, Original D&D ( Basic Expert Companion Master Immortals... ), Other Games, Palladium Games, Pathfinder, Pathfinder Second Edition, Ryuutama, Savage Worlds ( Deadlands: Reloaded, Evernight... ), Shadow of the Demon Lord, Star Wars ( Edge of the Empire, SAGA... ), Stars Without Number, Tales from the Loop, The One Ring, The Quiet Year
Actively Seeking Group For
13th Age RPG, 3D&T ALPHA, AEG ( Legend of the Five Rings, 7th Sea ), Anime Campaign, Apocalypse World System ( The Sprawl, Monster Hearts... ), Blades in the Dark, Burn Bryte, City of Mist, Cortex ( Firefly, Serenity, Battlestar, Supernatural ), Cortex Plus, Cypher System Games ( Numenera, The Strange... ), D&D 5E, Dogs in the Vineyard, Dungeon World, End of the World, FATE ( Core, Accelerated, Dresden Files... ), Fiasco, GUMSHOE, Ironsworn, Kids on Bikes, LANCER RPG, Lasers and Feelings, Marvel Heroic Roleplaying, Mothership, Mutant: Year Zero, Other Games, Pathfinder Second Edition, Ryuutama, Scum and Villainy, Seven Deadly Sins, Shadow of the Demon Lord, Simple System, Tales from the Loop, The One Ring, The Quiet Year, The Witcher, Warhammer ( Fantasy, 40k, Wrath & Glory...), Year Zero Engine