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Alex C.

t Member since 08/17/15 / G GM of 10 games / 1125 Hours Played / 83 Forum Posts
<p>Hi!</p> <p>My name is Alex Cornelissen and I am a 23 year old DM from the Netherlands. I have been DMing for about 3 years now, 2 of those years I DMed my own weekly homebrew campaign set in the Underdark. Lately I have picked up hardcovers again and have run Hoard of the Dragon Queen, The Sunless Citadel and I&#39;m running Tomb of Annihilation right now for a group of friends.</p> <p>What kind of DM am I?<br/> I am a patient and friendly DM who is all in for player fun! Though there are always moments I ask people to focus to progress the story. I love it when people write elaborate backstories and when I can work together with my players to create their own story in a campaign. If you join my campaign I will be available to discuss session and character related stuff most of the time. If you run into anything with character creation etc. just reach out to me on Discord and I&#39;ll help you out!</p>
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