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Jack Miles

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An Amazing guide to Structure your annotations effectively in Chicago Style - 2022

Chicago style. It’s perhaps the most popular style of citation. It is used in journal articles and academic papers. Really, it’s quite popular.

But the trouble arises with an annotated bibliography.

How to write essay, how to structure it? I am sure that you have looked at one annotated bibliography example or the other. But it is rather hard to understand in all its glory.

This is where I come in.

I will break down all the details of a Chicago-style annotated bibliography for you. It will be like taking help from a paper writing service. But better, Because I am doing it for free. No charges, I promise.

So, here is how you do it.

Tip #1: Note the Key Points

You will of course be writing about the key points in the summary beneath the source.

So, you will have to note down these key points or highlight them. This is how you will know which stuff to include in the summary and which to discard.

Most skilled writers mentions only the key points and leaves everything else out.

Tip #2: Quote Important Stuff 

Yes. It is allowed to use quotes in the summary.

It can also be very useful since you will be using this bibliography later. So, you can use these quotes in your essay.

Quotes are also helpful as they are the exact words of the author. So, they convey a point easily enough and without any confusion.

Tip #3: Keep the Summary Short

The summary beneath a source is like 150 words long. 200 at max. Of course, this does depend on your professor as well but this is the general rule of writing company.

It can even be as short as 100 words.

This means that you need to be very precise in what you will include in there. Take out all the extra information.

Tip #4: In-depth for Research Papers

Ok, so a summary for a normal paper is different from a research paper.

In research papers, you will have to summarize the introduction, the methods, the results, the limitations all in like 150 words.

Yes, all of it.

You need to look at each section and see how you can summarize it in a line or two. You can also ask someone to write an essay for me if you need more help. 

Tip #5: Try NOT to use Websites

Of course, you can use websites. But only specific ones. Not every website will offer you authentic information. 

So, try to stick to journal articles or academic papers.

These articles are approved by a board of qualified people so there's no way they give up fake information.

Nope. For websites, you can use news websites like CNN or BBC.

Tip #6: Study the Format

The citation format will, of course, be crucial to your bibliography.

So, study it well.

You will have to know the order of writing things, what to include and what to remove, what will be italicized (yup, that’s a thing), and the difference between journal articles versus normal articles.

It’s a lot to take in so take your time.

Tip #7: Generate Citation Online

Ok, so pro tip. If you don’t understand the citations then you can get them generated online.

Just search for a website that will generate Chicago-style citations for you.

You will have to put in the details yourself but the website will create the perfect format for you.

BUT! Don’t forget to check if it's the correct one or not.

Good Luck!

You will need it. What you will also need is a reliable essay writing service if you find yourself a bit too confused. These companies can help you improve your writing in no time.

You just need a sample bibliography in Chicago style.

The ones on the internet are not accurate so get one from a writing service like SharkPapers. Then study it to understand the structure.