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Wisna Keo

t Member since 02/06/13 \/ G GM of 2 games \/ 4707 Hours Played \/ 284 Forum Posts

Wisna'Odom Keo (Veasna'Oudom Keo)

I have been Roleplaying and playing Table Top Games ever since I was ten. When I join a new group I step up more and become a valuable asset to the team when the need arises, though I much prefer a supportive role over one that leads the group. That's what TTRPGs are made of, teamwork. Things that will turn me off from a game include lack of communication, out of game drama mixing into the game, too much immersion breaking or out of character interactions during a game, and if a game takes too long to start. When you're at the table it's game time. I am laid back and relaxed and I respect other people's time and their roleplay. When I'm not rolling dice I enjoy long walks around the quiet suburban neighborhood to slip into my imagination.

What worlds will you show me?


I prefer to roleplay and talk my way through situations, but if it comes to it I'm more of a tactical player in combat, looking around for advantages to use on the battlefield and the right places to fight.

TTRPG Experience:

  • Call of Cthulu
  • D&D Basic
  • D&D 3.5e
  • D&D 4e
  • D&D 5e (Main system as of now)
  • FATE
  • Pathfinder
  • Ryuutama
  • Stars Without Numbers

Communication Tools:

  • Discord: Wisna#3382

If you have any questions about me or wish to recruit me to a game, please PM me. Thanks!

Enjoys Playing
D&D 5E
Actively Seeking Group For
D&D 5E