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DM Farseer

t Member since 02/12/13 \/ G GM of 19 games \/ 31087 Hours Played \/ 246 Forum Posts

Currently Game Master for Stellar Winds, and committed to ruining Stellar Winds a Space Opra Horror using GURPS Basic, and Ultra Tech. A setting that is heavily inspired by Traveller, and Dark Heresy. I have operated my game on Roll20 since 2/13. I am big fan of Forgotten Realms Dungeons and Dragons 5.0.

I started out play Role Playing Games with AD&D / and America Online's Rhydin. As well NWN, and long standing committed homebrew setting of Stellar Winds which has morhped from d20 System to GURPS system in the 15 years of it being explored.

Enjoys Playing
Esper Genesis, GURPS