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Minul Suka Jalan-Jalan

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Cristiano Ronaldo reportedly did not involve Jorge Mendes in the transfer process to Al Nassr. The relationship between Ronaldo and Mendes has reportedly started to deteriorate since the interview with Piers Morgan emerged. Ronaldo has just completed a transfer to Al Nassr. Ronaldo got a contract with a duration of two and a half years from the club from Saudi Arabia. Ronaldo is now the player with the highest salary in the world.

Ronaldo, at the press conference session, said he was happy with the decision taken. Ronaldo felt his career in Europe was over because he had achieved everything. "For me, now is a new challenge," said Ronaldo.

Behind the brilliant money and Ronaldo's move which made a scene, there is one name that is on the sidelines, namely Jorge Mendes. What happened to Ronaldo and Mendes? Come on, see the full review below, Bolaneters.

Ronaldo 'Divorced' with Jorge Mendes?
Cristiano Ronaldo's career will not be separated from the figure of Jorge Mendes. Portugal's initial super agent, through the company Gestifute, has been Ronaldo's representative for more than two decades. Mendes has a special position in Ronaldo's career.

However, quoted from the Mirror, the relationship between Ronaldo and Mendes deteriorated at the end of 2022. Mendes is even said to have had very minor involvement in Ronaldo's move to Al Nassr.

The beginning of the rift between Ronaldo and Mendes occurred after an interview with Piers Morgan. After that, Ronaldo chose to part ways with Manchester United. Mendes disagreed and gave permission for the move.

Mendes' party is having trouble getting the right offer for Ronaldo from a European club. Mendes has even offered Ronaldo to many European teams since the start of the season. However, negotiations with Bayern Munich or Chelsea did not reach an agreement.

Ronaldo Has a New Agent?
The Mirror reports that Ronaldo and Jorge Mendes are on the verge of splitting up. Ronaldo's camp no longer involves Mendes directly in the process of moving to Al Nassr. Mendes was not compensated for Ronaldo's move.

Without Mendes, Ronaldo appointed Ricardo Regufe as the party to represent him to negotiate with Al Nassr. Regufe also represented Ronaldo when negotiating a contract termination with the United camp. Regufe became the new manager for Ronaldo.

Regufe and Ronaldo have known each other since the player defended Real Madrid. Regufe will reportedly receive up to £26 million from Ronaldo's contract deal with Al Nassr.

Cristiano Ronaldo when Introduced by Al-Nassr, Wrongly Called Saudi Arabia South Africa
Cristiano Ronaldo started a new adventure with the Saudi Arabian club, Al Nassr, by being officially introduced on Tuesday (3/1/2023) night. There was an interesting incident in the introductory session.

Interestingly, Cristiano Ronaldo slipped his tongue. He instead referred to Saudi Arabia as South Africa.

Ronaldo made an important step in his football career. After undergoing a complicated final phase with Manchester United, the 37-year-old player chose to move to Asia.

Ronaldo signed a contract with a duration of two and a half years with Al Nassr. Ronaldo has an enormous contract and has many projects outside of football. Ronaldo is the player with the highest salary in the world.

Cristiano Ronaldo's introductory session was held at the Msool Park Stadium with quite a bang. Thousands of Al Nassr fans were very enthusiastic. However, before that, there was a moment that will be hard to forget.