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Hello to all.

I'm in my mid-50s, live in California and have been playing D&D in some form since the late 1970s. I cut my teeth on 1st edition AD&D, then 2nd edition and 3.x. I recently ended a game that had been running since 2003 and began another one, this time under 5E rules. Most of the players in the old game, the one that lasted for 14 years, are in the new one as well.

My preferred style of DMing is "theater of the mind". Basically, I describe a scene, the players fill in the blanks with their PCs' actions, and the game is a give-and-take between players and DM.

I prefer long-term games and campaigns that have high player investment (e.g., backstories or session notes), where we co-create a story in a world, where the characters are moderate- to high-powered and achieve those goals through slow skill/power development and extensive character development. Bonus points if the characters show depth that evolves over time. An ideal group to me is a group that can last for years, where players are nice to one another, where characters are good-aligned or at least benign (though not necessarily moral paragons), where the possibility of character death exists but doesn't occur very often, and where self sacrifice would be rewarded.

Thanks for reading and hope to see y'all in a game soon!

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