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What ESAs are low maintenance

Adding an Emotional Support Animal (ESA) to your life is a simple way to add a new element to your approach to managing your mental illness. Caring for an ESA does not become any easier, especially when you have roommates, children, or long, tiring working hours. As a result, the concept of low-maintenance ESAs has been developed. Naturally, they require the same level of care and affection, but these creatures do not require much supervision.

At, we understand that some people may want an emotional support animal that is low maintenance. That's why we offer a wide range of animals that are easy to take care of, including fish, birds, and rabbits. These animals can provide emotional support without requiring as much attention as other pets.

We believe that it's important to provide a variety of options so that everyone can find the perfect emotional support animal for their needs.

Check out this collection of low-maintenance ESAs. Like other animals, it is critical to perform extensive study and consult with competent specialists before adopting a low-maintenance ESA, since these tiny guys are also deserving of all the affection you can provide. You will also be required to get an ESA Letter for your ESA. This letter will let legal authorities know that you have an ESA.


Turtles are known for their ability to remain cool, calm, and collected under pressure, and caring for them is simple. African side necks and eastern box turtles are small enough to live happily in a terrarium. While maintaining a clean environment and supplying freshwater is critical, turtles do not require daily feeding.


Tortoises, like turtles, are usually silent and avoid human contact. However, if you want to get a tortoise, you must be vigilant about their food, since certain kinds demand a high vegetable intake, while others consume meat. Tortoises, unlike turtles, require more space to wander, so be sure to spend a large penny.


This one is a no-brainer for the children. Not only are hamsters attractive, but they are also inexpensive and willing to snuggle if you feel inclined. Along with food and drink, ensure there are adequate toys for these engaging little animals to play with.

It is critical to understand that if your landlord has any problems with your ESA, you need to show him/her your realesaletter for housing. This letter is a legal document that will restrain the landlord from creating any difficulties during your stay.


This may seem upsetting to anyone who lives in a major city but bear with us. Rats that do not dwell on subway tracks are tiny, loving, and relatively easy to care for, requiring only a ventilated cage, few toys, and suitable food. Their environment should be changed regularly, but otherwise, as long as they receive some activity outside their cage, you are fine to go.


As with rats, mice have a terrible reputation; yet when kept as pets, these fluffy critters do not create much trouble if properly cared for. Mice, on the other hand, need a ventilated cage and a few toys but may consume any food that is acceptable for people. Due to their high level of activity, it is also strongly suggested that they get some game time outside their cage.


They are not only attractive but also suitable for tiny areas since they do not require huge tanks. Aside: male’s betta fish must be kept separate from their female counterparts since they tend to become territorial with one another, while the females can cohabitate.


If you are looking for a pet that commands attention without overwhelming you, parakeets are ideal. Indeed, they do not have the same level of chatter as parrots, they do enjoy human connection and may be taught to do simple orders such as jumping and sitting, etc. Parakeets, on the other hand, require daily feeding.


If you are a cool, ballsy person who does not have arachnophobia, you should consider getting yourself a pet tarantula. These bad guys require just that they are kept in a dark corner of the house, out of direct sunlight. Because Tarantulas may grow to be approximately 10 inches long, they will require a large terrarium; and because they eat real insects like crickets, mealworms, super worms, and roaches, excursions to the pet shop will be lively. Do not forget to get your ESA letter beforehand from a certified medical professional. This letter will be beneficial for you; whenever someone is concerned about your ESA, just show them your ESA letter.


Goldfish, like betta fish, are a sight to behold, and also come in an abundance of kinds, so you will be overwhelmed by choice. They may reach a maximum size of 8 to 24 inches, which means they demand a large tank or aquarium—not a bowl. Goldfish are notoriously dirty, so keep their living areas clean regularly.


If you have a 5th grader who is now understanding metamorphosis, what better way to demonstrate the procedure than to purchase some caterpillars for your home? Not to worry if you are not a fan of crawlies; after a week, they will transform into gorgeous butterflies. If you are not dedicated to keeping animals for the long term, their lifetime is only 6 to 8 months from caterpillars to fully-fledged butterflies. Additionally, they require simple sticks to travel around on and eat on ordinary plants. Moreover, they are visually appealing.


Guppies are excellent pet fish as well. They are not picky about sharing space and get along well with the other little marine animals. Their diet is primarily composed of conventional fish food; however, they are known to have a preference for frozen bloodworms.

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