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t Member since 11/29/15 \/ G GM of 93 games \/ 3615 Hours Played \/ 302 Forum Posts

Hey there,

My name is Josh, or Sael, as I am often referred to. The following is some about myself.

Age: 19

Timezone: Japan, JST

D&D experience: I have been around for about 3 years now, I started with DMing about 4 times a week for 2 years, but recently life has not allowed me to do that so I have been trying to look for some games to play in rather than DM, that being said I know a lot about the game.

Pet peeves: terrible character creation that makes no sense, being the DM and a character uses the find familiar spell, and META GAMING DEAR GOD I HATE META GAMING.

Favorite moments in D&D: Long mysteries that end with big plot twists, when players play their character well and do exactly what that character would do, especially in combat, and rp lush stories.

Character ideas: I have a folder full of about 78 pictures of characters I have varied concepts for, I can create a full character sheet for any class and race in less than 15 minutes to fit any niche and have fun with it. I can create a good character with a fully fledged backstory in a matter of an hour and have a BLAST with it. It's all up to what is requested of me, what I have time for, etc etc.

Good luck and happy roleplaying!


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