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t Member since 02/27/13 \/ G GM of 48 games \/ 24933 Hours Played \/ 299 Forum Posts

About me... hmm, well for gaming I have played 5e, Pathfinder, and 3.5e the most; 4e, Star Wars RPG, Star Trek Adventures, and a few others briefly. I have been a GM more than a player in the last 10 years, because I like coming up with plots and stories. I play RPGs more for the plot/story RP moments then the battles, although yes combat is necessary too. I just think killing 20 bad guys because we have nothing better to do that day is boring and/or unrealistic - stories should be driven by deeper character goals like revenge/justice and religious fanaticism and searching for a lost loved one, not "I want to kill as many things as possible before I die" or greed for greed's sake. I prefer "good guy" campaigns, not in parties who enjoy killing and looting over saving the world - though I have run a "bad guy" campaign and saw how even evil alignments can "save the world", even if its because they want to rule it.
In a GM I like a decent storyteller, and a fair handling of rules, with emphasis on if the majority of players want to do something, the GM caters to the group, not the group caters to the GM (and I realize as I say this, one of my flaws as GM is wanting those hard story points met - but its a flaw I am working on).
If you are looking to add a player in a RP/story-emphasized campaign, give me a shout :)

Enjoys Playing
D&D 3.5, D&D 5E, Other Games, Pathfinder, Star Trek Adventures
Actively Seeking Group For
Burn Bryte, D&D 5E, Pathfinder Second Edition, Star Trek Adventures