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Dillon F.

t Member since 12/21/15 / G GM of 19 games / 7119 Hours Played / 1067 Forum Posts

Always had a passion for gaming, have played WoW, MTG, Fallout 4, Warcraft 2 &3 as well as Destiny. Have GMed DnD games for about 4 years and been a player for a bit longer, have recently gotten into Shadowrun and I am loving it. I am 30 years old, male and live in South Florida but am originally from NY. I am very nerdy but also have a bit of alternative flair including some tattoos and piercings.

"I know a great master named Dillon,
Who loves to make it quite thrillin.
His minions use spells, our party gets felled,
But don't worry, I'm his worst villain."
Shawn (One of my players)

Enjoys Playing
13th Age RPG, D&D 5E, Dungeon World, Shadowrun ( Any Edition ), World of Darkness ( Vampire, Werewolf, Mage... )
Actively Seeking Group For
13th Age RPG, D&D 5E, Shadowrun ( Any Edition )