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t Member since 01/10/16 \/ G GM of 5 games \/ 389 Hours Played \/ 6 Forum Posts

I'm a 30-year-old game designer and student. I enjoy all the sub-genres of fantasy and science fiction both, so there is very little in the realm of role-playing that doesn't interest me.
Recently became a Kickstarter supporter of Open RPG, City of Mist, Bluebeard's Bride and Scion 2e and look forward to playing and running those games with the community.

I've played some Pathfinder, and I've become familiar with Shadowrun 5e from owning the core rule book and trying to get a game started since it released, with no success.
Recently began a game (as a player) of D&D 5e, and I am loving the simplicity of the rules and how it encourages RP compared to previous versions that I often didn't have time to get started with due to RL commitments.

Enjoys Playing
City of Mist, D&D 5E, Open Legend, Other Games
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City of Mist, D&D 5E, Open Legend