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Loren the GM

Marketplace Creator
t Member since 01/21/16 \/ G GM of 160 games \/ 3435 Hours Played \/ 909 Forum Posts

More info on my website:

D&D DM and avid gamer. My background is in film and television, and I bring storytelling front and center to D&D. I love helping my groups have epic adventures. My DM style tends to be collaborative and inclusive. I like to say "yes" to my players as a means to create exciting, memorable moments. I like to bring characters alive through voices (I'm always happy when I can pull out my Scottish dwarf voice), and I like to use music to set the tone for each scene. To me, the more I can do to emotionally involve my players, the more immersed in the world they will be, making the game better for everyone.

Quotes from Players:

I have played some form or another of D&D for 8 years now, and nearly two of those years I’ve known Loren. He is without a doubt the most creative and talented person I’ve had the pleasure of playing with. Not only are his games fun, but the decisions he makes for the characters in the game make sense (and usually lead to an interesting story I feel excited about uncovering). If you like action, suspense, and drama, Loren is your man.
- Thomas B.

I've played with Loren for over a year and a half. We've gone through a number of WOTC modules. Loren has done a great job of managing the stories but also adding things to it related to our character backgrounds. He comes up with voices and personalities for NPCs which are great; I believe he's been fair in any rulings on gameplay; he's always prepared. I would highly recommend Loren as a DM.
- Brad

Loren is the best game master that I've had the pleasure to roll with because he puts his players first. For a year and a half, he has been dedicated to my fun, my character's story, and the creation and maintenance of a world that responds realistically and dynamically to every single bat-shit crazy scheme and plot that I throw at him. Loren is a master listener and will work with you to create the fully-realized gaming experience that you clicked on this listing to find.
- James

Loren is a fantastic GM, and I look forward to game night every week. He knows the modules he runs back to front, and prepares thoroughly by making his own maps and custom content. He's a very fair DM, with a great sense of humour. I can't recommend him enough!
-Name Witheld

A magnificent storyteller! Loren keeps the balance between a challenge and too easy perfectly. He blends fighting and RP with grace and allows us to explore things and keep true to our characters. He is prepared and ready for whatever random thing our group decides to do (you can talk to the townspeople about claiming that run down keep -- after all you did clean out the undead from it.) His maps are great quality, his characters unique with different voices and personalities. He makes decisions that make sense for the story or the character, and is willing to listen and discuss reasons why a character may or may not be able to know or do something, and we can always TRY and see what happens. (Roll those dice!) Truly a wonderful experience you do NOT want to miss out!

Loren Is a great GM. I'm currently in a campaign with him and fully enjoying my time. His stories are well developed, his character voices are great, and he is more than happy to work with the players to make something happen. Give him a chance and you won't be disappointed.

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