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t Member since 01/30/16 \/ G GM of 5 games \/ 943 Hours Played \/ 105 Forum Posts

50 years old, playing since 1985, german (so I won't win a literature prize with my english) - I develop my own world here:

I prefer to play DND5E or cyberpunk stuff, but I am open to all listed systems (I am new to some of them)

  • my availability see here, times shown in GMT+2 (my time), EST (New York time) and PST (San Fran time): Google Sheet
  • 2 to 4 times per month
  • live text (no play by post), english or german
  • ok with 18+ content if it's moderate

If you have something going and need another player, just ask me.

Character I want to play at some time (just the general idea, to be recreated for your compaign):

  • dndbeyond - Hillbunny Fairbark , female gnome tinkerer lvl 6, building little constructs, carries a big backpack that contains every (useless) thing you could ever think of.
  • dndbeyond - Po, male gnome monk lvl 1 (alternatively a played Po monk2/cleric2 version)
  • dndbeyond - Shari Meliamondi, female elf bard lvl 1
  • dndbeyond - Meadow Doomflayer, female human paladin lvl 1
  • dndbeyond - Tooth Wu, female halfling rogue lvl 1
  • or a ranger (already played one before) or just any other class (not played so far)

I've been playing all kind of role playing games: Das Schwarze Auge, Midgard, Call of Cthulhu, Shadowrun, StarWars, Vampire, Ars Magica, Pendragon, Elder Scrolls RPG, DND5E and have looked intro/tried out tons of others, for some I DMed (Midgard, Shadowrun 1st Edition). I discovered D&D 5th around december 2015 and have been playing in 3+ longer campaigns since then.

Recent examples of characters I played:

  • DND5E - Chathi (lvl 5 female human warlock): dndbeyond
  • Elder Scrolls RPG - Halion (male high elf healer) google docs
  • DND5E - Norgrim Thunderpike (lvl 4 male dwarven fighter): dndbeyond
  • DND5 - Joxer (male human ranger) (text is partly german): google docs
Enjoys Playing
Ars Magica, Call of Cthulhu ( Any Edition ), Conan, Cyberpunk 2020, Cyberpunk Red, Cypher System Games ( Numenera, The Strange... ), D&D 5E, GURPS, King Arthur Pendragon, Pathfinder Second Edition, Shadowrun ( Any Edition )
Actively Seeking Group For
Conan, Cypher System Games ( Numenera, The Strange... ), D&D 5E, Pathfinder Second Edition