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t Member since 03/14/13 \/ G GM of 19 games \/ 2388 Hours Played \/ 137 Forum Posts

If you are not playing a human, dwarf, elf, halfling, gnome, or a half-breed combination of those, you won't be playing in my D&D campaigns! Death to dragonborn and tieflings!

Enjoys Playing
Call of Cthulhu ( Any Edition ), Cyberpunk 2020, D&D 5E, Delta Green, Fallout, GURPS, Gamma World ( Any Edition ), HERO Games ( Champions ), Hero System 6e, Marvel Heroic Roleplaying, Mutants and Masterminds, Palladium Games, Paranoia, Pathfinder, Rolemaster ( Any Edition ), Savage Worlds ( Deadlands: Reloaded, Evernight... ), Shadowrun ( Any Edition ), Traveller ( Any Edition ), Villains and Vigilantes, Warhammer ( Fantasy, 40k, Wrath & Glory...), World of Darkness ( Vampire, Werewolf, Mage... ), d20 Modern