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t Member since 04/06/16 \/ G GM of 44 games \/ 1705 Hours Played \/ 235 Forum Posts

My name is Brian, I will be playing the DM...

Back in Middle School one of my friends introduced me to a game called Dungeons and Dragons, or at least he had seen someone play it once. We cobbled together some sort of a really roughspun home brew system and I DMd on that for 3-4 years with the neighborhood kids. I later played a game or two of A,D&D or what they now call 2nd edition... until life got in the way.

Now I am on a quest to become a legendary DnD guy (not even sure what that is). I try to set the characters up for success and aim to create an environment where PCs can be heroes. I am not the sort of DM that has a story they want to tell. I enjoy improv DMing and discovering your story with you as events shape themselves around the heroe's actions.

I have really gotten sucked back into the hobby this year. I frequently watch Youtube videos about DMing and Playing D&D. I follow several live play podcasts, and the official D&D one. When I get a chance, I like to read Dragon magazine on my phone. So it is pretty much all D&D all the time

Enjoys Playing
D&D 5E