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Dave S.

t Member since 04/10/16 \/ G GM of 8 games \/ 1754 Hours Played \/ 14 Forum Posts

I have been playing TTRPGs since 1981, both as player and DM/GM. Started with the D&D Basic boxed set when I was 12 years old. Progressed to AD&D, then AD&D 2E. Took a TTRPG "gaming hiatus" for about 15 years, but I came back to TTRPGs with Pathfinder around 2012 (as GM). Currently GMing "The Rise of the Runelords", which I started with my group in 2015. We switched to PF2E when it came out, adapting my current campaign to the new edition. I've also become very interested in OSR gaming and have purchased several systems just out of curiosity to see what they are like.

As a player, I really like both dungeon crawls and wilderness hex-crawling, getting far away from civilization and exploring the unknown. Not really into long-term urban campaigns, though short city adventures in the context of an overall campaign can be cool. I enjoy creating an interesting back story for my characters, and try to give them a unique twist. Mostly I like a good balance of encounters.

Enjoys Playing
Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperbore, Pathfinder Second Edition