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t Member since 05/05/16 \/ G GM of 11 games \/ 3501 Hours Played \/ 158 Forum Posts

hey all! I'm a professional Game Master, Intermediate voice actor, storytelling veteran (23+ years), and owner/operator of Draconus-Entertainment.

Aerath is the name of the world in that all my games take place on and is the product of a quarter century of development. Originally based on a series of novels I wrote, it has since evolved into a completely different entity with it's own expansive lore, gods, religions and cultures. I presently use the D&D 5e ruleset with heavy Homebrew additions with emphasis on worldbuilding and Heavy Roleplaying.

I have a variety of players and full integration of various groups including, women, men, members of the LGBTQ+ community and a cast of multiracial, multispectral PCs and NPCs that reach far and wide.

At present I have 3 games weekly starting at 9:00pm EST and ending around 12:15 am EST.

I have another big campaign project in the works which will explore the origins of vampires and send the players on a Gothic Horror Adventure into the heart of Vampire Mythos on Aerath. Keep an eye out for it on here roll20 it's called Aerath:Everdusk

If you want to know more about me you can check out my various social media, you can find me on:



Twitter @ddraconus

Tiktok @dracdnd


Below are several reviews from my players in the first year of Draconus-Entertainment, I hope to get more in time but these are as good today as they were two years ago when i went professional as a Game master

Player reviews:

"He (Draconus) really knows his stuff about mechanics, about the game, and is willing to work with players to help them learn. Also the sanity system really adds a new flavor to the game. (It) lead to some tense and hilarious moments when we kept failing our saves."
-Matthew R

A game master with a great focus on RP, sound sense of humor, and setting up the world. Recommend this chap and looking forward to another game when possible.
-Howard I.

Had a really wonderful session with him. Very funny, good control of the table, had a great sense of when to allow a joke to keep going and when to move things along. Would definitely play another game at his table. -Frank W

"Been playing with DM Draconus for a few months now and can vouch that he's an incredible DM and we've got a great group. The world is immersive and he's clearly spent years thinking about it. He'll message individually throughout the week about individual character developments/story questions/whatever and really has created a story around the characters. Even just at level 8 it feels like we've done some epic things that have changed/shifted the world. The "danger" factor is real, but that has just made it more fun. I lost my original character (got possessed by the BBEG), which was heartbreaking, but picked up an NPC as my next character, and now I like him more than my original. If you're into character development and a good story this is well worth the $15 a week." -E.M

*I've had a fantastic experience reintroducing myself to D&D with DM Draconus. This has been my first professionally run game and it has certainly been worth it. Draconus' world is full of amazing lore and a complex pantheon of gods and god-like entities. There are plenty of questions for players to ask themselves about their character's world as they explore and create their own stories. Draconus brings unique NPCs to life with cool backstories and impressive voice acting. Combat victory is not a sure thing so find every advantage you can and find work-arounds if you're able. After 20 years away from the game, campaigning with DM Draconus has been very entertaining and worth the $. *

Nathan L

Enjoys Playing
Call of Cthulhu ( Any Edition ), D&D 5E