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Ingrid N.

t Member since 05/19/16 / G GM of 2 games / 383 Hours Played / 82 Forum Posts

Achaean since 2007 and hosting my own MUSH since 2009. Met numerous people in a few different online text games and teamed up with a core group in late 2015 to start in on the world of tabletops such as Dungeon World, D&D 5E, and hopefully World of Darkness in the coming months.

I have become a pewter miniature addict, but never play with them because, you know, no minis needed when you have tokens. Also a big fan of Planescape and Spelljammer lore and concept as a source of inspiration.

Much of my inspiration and creativity, when not being focused on tabletop, is expressed in my self-hosted text game: The Fairy Garden MUSH at

TZ: America/Denver

Enjoys Playing
Card Games ( Poker, Magic... ), D&D 3.5, Dungeon World, Pathfinder