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t Member since 06/12/16 \/ G GM of 46 games \/ 3673 Hours Played \/ 174 Forum Posts


I started D&D life with Pool of Radiance for the old Commodore 64. I loved that game and replayed it many times indeed!

I have been a PC since I could count beyond 20. I have been DMing now for 5 years but only for about the last 7 months on Roll20.

I am the sort of DM who likes to roleplay a great deal with my players. I love guiding people into the minds of their characters for the session.

My video game collection consists of (who might have guessed?) RPGs. I like to play chess in my spare time as well if I am not reading fantasy novels. My favourites have been written by David Eddings which I draw inspiration from for quite a few encounters and side missions.

I also love the Dragonlance books written by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman and I'd love to run a game in that setting one day soon. I am currently reading the Raistlin Chronicles.

Looking forward to meeting new people and having fun!

I will adapt games I run to my players of course, but I will always enjoy the most those games where people LIVE as their characters. Actually BECOME them for the duration of the session. I love my RP!

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