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Brecht T.

t Member since 08/03/16 \/ G GM of 3 games \/ 868 Hours Played \/ 5 Forum Posts

Who am I?

My name is Brecht, I'm a 25-year-old Materials Science Engineer from Belgium, currently doing a Ph.D. I am a huge geek concerning all things fantasy: I grew up adoring Tolkien's legendarium and still do so now - it remains at the top of literature for me. Next to reading books, I enjoy playing board games (especially cooperative, strategical ones), tabletop games (e.g. Warhammer Fantasy/40k), card games (e.g. MaAgic the Gathering) and video games. I also like watching films or TV-series, and listening to classic rock music or soundtracks.

My RPG experience

I have not been playing pen & paper RPGs for very long; I actually started playing them on the computer. However, in the last 5 years or so, I've discovered D&D 5th edition, and I have fallen in love with its degrees of freedom and creativity. So far, I've played in a few homebrew campaigns, and have DMed an altered Curse of Strahd game. I am currently also DMing my own homebrew game. A lot of the passion I have for this game was kindled through Critical Role, an amazing video series by DM Matthew Mercer and a "bunch of nerdy-ass voice actors" (as he likes to say).

My playstyle

I personally enjoy games heavy on roleplaying elements, as I like to immerse myself within my character and the world around them. I also have a good time with combat encounters though, especially ones where I can come up with creative solutions.

The characters I prefer are ones who use magic, especially in a supporting role. This doesn't mean only Clerics and Bards, but also Wizards who are inclined to control the battlefield and the flow of combat, for example. (To be fair, Bards are still my absolute favourite class!)
I like to make informed choices on character progression, but I also like to try weird, fun combinations - not necessarily min/maxing. I've been toying with a Halfling Wizard for a long time, for example!

Enjoys Playing
D&D 5E