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t Member since 09/02/16 \/ G GM of 3 games \/ 641 Hours Played \/ 60 Forum Posts

Name: MaverickOrig (Real name will be shared in private)
Age: 35
Time zone: EST
About me: Programmer. When I get passionate about a game system, I dig in many hours to get as much of the system-clutter out of the way (via scripting, lists, handouts, reference guides) so that as little of game time is spent on looking stuff up. So, I've already spent a few dozen hours creating a character and the roll20 macros that will make it easy to play. And a few handful of macros that work with any character and a few for the GM (if they so choose to use).

D&D/other game exp: Ooh boy... Started D&D at the tender age of 6? Yeah, no really. Blame my dad. I've played D&D Adv edition as a child. Moved on to 2nd Edition, then 3.5 and some 4th edition. All of my pen&paper games might have amounted to 40-50 sessions (not that many). BUT!
There's this video game called Neverwinter Nights that is based on 3.5 and came out in 2002.
I put in a few thousand hours into a RP persistent world called Narfell (that still runs to this day like 14 years later) Yes, there is quite a bit of combat, but the reward systems are based on RP.

Play style: Very much a careful/suspicious tactician, but usually follow another leader when in the zone.
Character type prepared: Tanky Dex based cleric Guard/support (based on the sentinel feat)

Enjoys Playing
D&D 5E
Actively Seeking Group For
D&D 5E