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Hello everyone. :)
My name is Vivian, I am a 33 year old (o god, nobody needs to know that!) female gamer from Germany who loves to play D&D and Pathfinder. I am an ex artist and game developer myself, so there is at least some creativity hidden somewhere in my brain. ;)

My character is Rynn, a female Tiefling Arcane Trickster with a dip into War Wizard and of Chaotic Good alignment, 32 years of age. I played the character before in Pathfinder for over 6 years in multiple sessions weekly up to level 16, this is a try to find a place for her in Faerun and D&D5.

As many other Tieflings she had a rough start into her life, with her mother being murdered by the people of the rural town she was living in on the birth bed, not even able to hold her daughter once. Rynn herself was taken in by the local town leader / wizard, who was hiding her in his basement after telling everyone he would deal with the "problem". Over the years she turned from a study object more and more into a person in his eyes, he ended up teaching her and even bringing her to Waterdeep with him, making her help out as a Scribe in his local store. Sadly the old man passed of age and Rynn was on her own again.
She had a hard time finding honest work as a scribe, so after some minor theft to stay alive she ended up with the Thieves Guild of the Red Sashes and a mission, that ultimately brought her to Silverymoon to steal some documents from the local Map House.
She met her later Soul Mate here, a Half-Drow named Nym and for the first time she seemed to had a normal life, if there wasn't her mission lingering in the background. The documents got moved, the guild called her back, she never had a chance to say her goodbye... which made her leave the Red Sashes in the end.
Arriving back in Silverymoon she noticed that Nym was gone and nobody knew where he went. Was he looking for her? Did something happen? One day she mind find some answers to all her questions.

I can easily tie her into any campaign at any levels. :)

(Yes, she has a long backstory, the original is multiple pages and I am still flashing it out for myself because I played her a long time in Pathfinder and things just happened. ^^)

Looking for 5e Decent into Avernus or a Pathfinder 2nd Edition Group (never played it!)
Under the week 9am - 4pm GMT+1

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D&D 5E, Pathfinder, Pathfinder Second Edition
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