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t Member since 05/07/13 \/ G GM of 10 games \/ 1507 Hours Played \/ 144 Forum Posts

Rules Cyclopedia, into AD&D 2nd Edition followed by 3/3.5. Mostly skipped 4e and have dived into 5e. I Have touched upon a few other RPGs along the way, most were short lived. TMNT, Werewolf, Vampire, BESM, Silver Aged Sentinels, Mutants & Masterminds.

I'm primarily a DM. I usually have a few house rules to try and adjust gameplay a bit, but they are usually minor/easy and I haven't had any complaints.

Playstyle Choices
Anything to do with Rape is off limits outside 'maybe' an implied half-orc origin. Even then I wouldn't want it as a key element of the game.
Sex/flirtation is generally a fade to black scenario.
Sexual orientation. I have no qualms with players and/or characters having various orientations. The above playstyle choices would still apply.

Other topics. If some other topic would affect you personally, like a severe fear of clowns for example, bring it to me privately and I can try and accommodate.

Enjoys Playing
D&D 5E, Other Games