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t Member since 10/22/16 \/ G GM of 35 games \/ 5888 Hours Played \/ 656 Forum Posts

Greetings, traveler! Welcome to my profile!

I'm Meg. I use she/her pronouns, if you please.

I was invited to play Pathfinder on a trip a while back. I had never played an RPG before, and I was immediately hooked. I now play as often as I can. You may say that I have a little addiction to the escapism of this game.

I really enjoy that DMing is bringing out my creative side that had gone into hibernation a long time ago. I started off DMing a homebrew campaign set in the Land of Oz. After that ended, a friend of mine and I started a homebrew that we co-DM'd. Life happened for him, so I switched that up. I'm currently DMing Shattered Obelisk on-line, and my IRL group is currently going through a series of adventures tied together via a homebrew system related to the TV show Quantum Leap. I'm happy to roll real dice IRL with peeps again! Thanks, science!

I've also been running a lot of Adventurers League. Currently a Resident DM for Triden Games. If you'd like to link to the server, please PM me. I've been trying to run more AL IRL.

I enjoy playing with people from around the world. So far, I have played with people from the following countries: US, Ukraine, Uruguay, India, Indonesia, Brazil, UK, Sweden, Scotland, Denmark, Australia, Spain, Netherlands, Greece, Morocco, Finland, Canada, Germany, Romania, New Zealand, Poland, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Singapore, South Africa, China, Turkey, Malaysia, Hungary, Bosnia, and France.

I'm in CST.

I am interested in getting into a Monster of the Week campaign. Been dying to try that out after playing in a oneshot.

h/t to Alexandra N for the avatar of my first DnD character, Bismuth Bismol.

Still reading? Cool. If you're applying for a game of mine, and are reading this, I give priority to folx who fill out their bio and have an avatar like my bio here.

If you're here because I have applied to one of your games, do you accept bribes?

Enjoys Playing
Apocalypse World System ( The Sprawl, Monster Hearts... ), D&D 5E
Actively Seeking Group For
Apocalypse World System ( The Sprawl, Monster Hearts... )