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t Member since 05/21/13 \/ G GM of 1 games \/ 1662 Hours Played \/ 833 Forum Posts

Let's start with my name is Dan.

I am 50 years old and have had an affinity for role-play since the late 1970's. I started with the original box set (red) and with the help of a few cousins, we played whenever we got together. I graduated to another box set (blue) and finally had a weekly game with friends. That game continued well into high school, with Sunday sessions lasting 6-8 hours... our parents loved it! :)

After H.S. life happened... a new wife, a couple kids born, a career started and barely any time for anything else.
In 2005 I was diagnosed with MS, and by 2010 I was finally unable to keep up with a daunting work schedule anymore so I went on disability. I am doing a lot better (health wise) now and find myself actively looking for things to do. I came across Roll20 and immediately fell in love again with the idea of being someone else.
Here are a few bullet points about my play-style:

I am a mature player
I enjoy some darker themes
I prefer simple motivations rather than convoluted and/or confusing story-lines
I can RP most any class but prefer the "nature" ones (Ranger,Druid,Barbarian)
I prefer human characters, but I like to have the choice.
I am located on the east coast, but am a night owl and can accommodate most schedules.
I would consider myself a "heavy RPer" as I like to emote most everything
I am NOT a power/min-max gamer. I do not like to get caught up in the "statistical" aspects of the game. Meaning that I do not want to lay out my character according to what gets the best bonuses (or loopholes) that the game allows, rather I lay out my character to what is in my head. Right or wrong.
I would enjoy being with others who are like-minded rather than my age. I realize that most "my age" probably don't RP much any more :P
I’m not a fan of “verbal” types of campaigns. My voice is my own and not my character's. I find that it puts too much pressure on me spur of the moment… so I prefer typing
I have an abundance of patience for teaching, but little to none for acts that go against common courtesy. (ie: tardiness, absenteeism, inattentive gaming, people speaking over others, power crazed people who don't allows others to speak up, etc)
Lastly, as a player who has reached my age, I have a healthy level of respect for the DM role (been there done that) and for my fellow players who choose to role-play their characters to the fullest. (no you do not need to roll d100 to figure out if your character should do something). When it is game time, I am ready to just have some FUN!

I would enjoy hearing from you!

Enjoys Playing
Gamma World ( Any Edition ), Pathfinder, Pathfinder Second Edition
Actively Seeking Group For
Pathfinder Second Edition