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[5E] [EST] DEDICATED Player looking for RELIABLE Group (30yo +)

Hi and thanks for taking the time to read this! I’ve been playing 5E off and on for several years now.

The following may come across as "picky" but I'm really just confident in what I'm looking for in a game and think finding the right group will make a better experience for everyone :-) Here are some highlights of the kind of game/group I am looking for:

  • Committed Group. Understand you have made a commitment and that people's time is valuable. Don’t be the type to cancel last minute or because someone asked you to go to the movies, shopping, etc.

    I'm of the mind that if someone does not expect to make at least 95% of the sessions, they should not be playing. Missing frequent games causes issues for everyone, hurts the progression of the game and in general is just a waste of everyone’s time. That being said of course unforeseen emergencies, family issues, etc. come up in our lives from time to time and are unavoidable. The point is to try to make every game and not treat it as a fallback when there's nothing better to do. Basically, be a player/DM who wants to play and actually looks forward to sessions.

  • Reasonable Characters. If your character resembles something from anime more than a fantasy RPG, it’s probably not a good match (No Dragonball D&D please). Your “Epic” new character sounds great to you but in reality most times ends up being a burden for everyone else.

  • Fun is Number One. Having fun should be the main goal. I like a pretty serious campaign (meaning a serious plot, subject matter, etc.) but there should be plenty of moments for fun as well. There's a lot that could be said here but basically I'm not looking for a game that feels more like a shared math problem than an RPG.

  • Easy Going. Just looking for a laid back group who wants to have fun. Meaning don't be uptight and:

    • No Rule Lawyers, Know-It-Alls or argumentative people.
    • No easily "triggered" people. It's make believe, why are you trying to relate it to real world events/issues?
    • No politics (right-wing, left-wing, chicken-wing, I don't care.), social agendas or political correctness. Or people who use these things to cause unnecessary drama. A D&D game is not the place for this. Leave it elsewhere.

    Just to clarify this section a bit (I could see it being taken the wrong way), I do want tolerant people and definitely NOT a group of racists, bigots or assholes. Basically, I'd just like to play with a group where we don't have to always be worried that what is said may offend or trigger someone or where everyone has to walk on egg shells because player X gets upset when you talk about Y or Z.

    I have no issues AT ALL with any race, religion or sexual orientation. In fact I have a very diverse core group of friends. That said, you will never hear me pushing my own race, religion or sexual orientation into every aspect of the game and I appreciate other players who do (or do not as the case may be) the same.

  • DMs. I'm open to both modules as well as home-brew campaigns (rules, etc.). Creativity and excitement for your own setting can only make the game better for all of us. Also, rules are necessary but knowing when to bend/break the rules for the sake of an awesome game moment is also a must (ex: player pulls off a highly unlikely and/or memorable maneuver on a dragon leaving it with 8 hit points. Do you leave the dragon alive or do you say hell with the 8 hp because ending the battle on that note will be narratively amazing?).

    I do prefer a DM that uses maps as much as possible (and who takes advantage of the features available such as dynamic lighting, etc.). Theater of the mind is fine for a lot of situations but I find that for most battles, trekking through a dungeon/cave/etc., or just for regions or towns - maps add a lot to the game. However, this isn't necessarily a deal-breaker, but there are so many resources out there for free maps, map generators, etc. that cost and time really should not be an issue.

  • Time/Day. I'm somewhat flexible here although I would prefer to play with people in my same time zone just to avoid issues. I am on EST time. My preferred days and start times are below (note: that this is a start time window, not a play time. Example 6-10pm means I can START between that time, not that I want to be done by 10pm)

    • Friday start between 6-9pm;
    • Saturday start between 9am-10am or 5pm - 9pm;
    • Sunday start between 9am-10am or 4pm - 7pm;
    • I could potentially do weekdays with a start time between 5:30pm and 7:30pm (except Wednesdays), but prefer a weekend day.


As for myself, I think the above gives some idea about me. I'm dedicated and committed to being there every week and being active and involved. I'm fairly experienced but far from knowing every little rule (and have no desire to). I enjoy both combat and RP. A good mix of both would be important though as session after session of only RP gets very old. I try to engage with the party and provide input, planning and just generally be an active part of the game. I do not hog the spotlight however and even try to help get players who aren't getting much attention more involved. If there are issues I try to be reasonable, look at things from others' point of view and be amenable to whatever the outcome.

All of the games I’ve played in have included mostly younger people and I’ve noticed a pattern of unreliability with not all but most of the younger players. They seem much more willing to cancel a session at the last minute for frivolous reasons. Most also have a different play-style than what I am typically looking for. This is why I'm looking for an older group but would also consider 25+ if they are mature and dedicated.

I'm not really sure what else to put down here so please feel free to ask any questions you may have. If commitment is important to you and if any of this reflects some of your own feelings, please contact me!

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