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David R.

t Member since 11/30/16 \/ G GM of 5 games \/ 3423 Hours Played \/ 25 Forum Posts

I really enjoy the "crunch" of the game. Some might call me a rules lawyer but I'm not the type to call it out in game because the game (i.e. the fun) is more important than the rules. Do expect me to keep track of different anomalies and try to discuss them afterwards though. I have no problem with house rules, but I'd like a heads up instead of them happening on-the-fly. It's never fun when someone expects something to work one way and then it spontaneously works a different way.

Others might call me a power gamer. But I'm not the type to find a flaw in the rules and exploit it. I just have a theme for my character and then I try to plan the life of the character out in advance to get the best use of that theme I can (i.e. feat/skill progression, what kind of gear he wants, how he overcomes his weaknesses, etc.). So the result is usually a competent character because of all the planning. If that's a powergamer then ok.

I'm already behind the curve because my characters are usually not magically reliant (i.e. I prefer weapons and/or subtlety and skills to being a "god wizard"). I actually don't think I've ever played a ninth level caster.

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