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Jared O.

t Member since 01/04/17 \/ G GM of 14 games \/ 3487 Hours Played \/ 131 Forum Posts

I'm Jared. I have been in the creative arts my whole life. I've written plays, musicals, played in lots of bands, love video games, and traveled the world. I write a lot of homebrew and custom board games as well. I've always had a vivid/creative imagination. RPGs allow me that creative release to be someone else and cause mischief without consequence. I do enjoy a good laugh. I love characters with quirks and flaws. I'm not afraid to die in a game if the moment is ripe for the scene. One day I will find my very own free-to-play Matt Mercer. lol

Currently Hosting: FREE 100 map module for DMs ask me for a copy!

Playtesting: Helldivers: Earth reaction Force custom homebrew board game system.

Playtesting: Marvel: Avengers Initiative custom homebrew board game system.

Currently Playing: Adventures in Fairmont. 2 brothers conquered this archipelago region hundreds of years ago, but the weight of their decisions and the consequences of their sacrifices still ripple thru the ages. One man hellbent on revenge against the kingdom plants his growing army of spies in every corner of the map, and when a chain of unnatural disasters strike, a motley crew of mishap heroes get caught in the wake of the attempted coup.

Currently Playing: Dungeon of the Mad Mage. Rumors of untold treasures lie deep within the dungeon. Intrigue draws adventurers and tourists alike to the "Yawning Portal". Place your bets, and down you go into the depths of the under-mountain. The deeper you go, the madder you become. Few have ever gone deeper than the first or second levels.

Currently playing:: Eyes on Watch This freak of the week style lawful good campaign follows the agents of the "Valecorian Watch": A guild of Circuit Marshals who serve frontier justice in the outland settlements of Shantir.

Currently DM: The Sanguine Rose Saga A female-urchin-surface-drow's tale from rags-to-riches, as a fateful encounter leads her to become friends with the most famous celebrity bard in all of Waterdeep: Roselyn Gauntyl. After a bizarre turn of events, the drow owes money to the wrong people and has adopted "Rosie's" child. Now, she is raising a baby with a ragtag group of roughnecks and outcasts who have banded together to form a fragile alliance drug cartel that funds research into undoing Rosie's latest fiasco: Vampirism.

Currently DM: Seeds of Fate: The Nomad King Four adventurers who swear allegiance to Tatyana the Dryad Patron [npc] take her seeds from "Applebottom" [place] and into the Shadowlands [region], acting as Greenblade [faction] agents. Their mission is to locate the Demon known as "Frond Bechno"; A demon that Tatyana has been sent to banish from this realm. Her plans and Bechno's plans are speculative at best, and the campaign will be morally gray when it comes to doing the bidding of opposing demigods. The four seed bearers [Benefactors] are responsible for protecting their seed as it grows,, gathering intel, and sending out their loyalists to achieve Tatyana's goals.

Currently DM: The Last Bastion: Tales of the Citadel Following the events of "Souls of the Citadel" Gauntlet based campaign, this more traditional campaign takes place in a metropolis city called Citadel Prime, which is shielded from the apocalypse of endless wastes and monsters beyond its walls. "Young Bloods" growing up in a gladiator-obsessed culture find their own ways to become legends, as they honor their promise to a now-deceased folk hero who impacted them as children. They each promise that no matter where life took them, they'd reunite in 7 years to unearth the time capsule they buried as children in honor of their elder folk hero. When the time comes, the ground in which they buried the time capsule is now frozen under the foundations of a building run by a nefarious Ifriti who plots to rule the city by means of a blood sickness. With riots and mobs forming against the government due to famine, our heroes dive into the aqueducts below to finish what they started out of honor their hero, before the city falls to complete corruption and endless winter.

DM: The Last Bastion: Souls of the Citadel The civilized world has ended. Monsters now swarm the wastelands that were once our homeworld. Only one city remains, protected by a force field powered by souls. To be someone; to live in the lap of luxury, is to become a "harvester" of souls, which is the only way to make a name for yourself and your tribe. Gyms, dojos, cults, guilds, covens, harems and houses of worship rise and fall constantly with the latest trends promising revelations of the truth. "Sponsors" in this predatory gladiator industry promise "young bloods" a better life. However, hacks and frauds lose precious real estate as the cream rises to the top. But any harvester who survives knows that being a celebrity champion is a farce of the ego. Harvesters know the gauntlet's deepest secret that none would ever be so bold to utter to the uninitiated: somewhere out there in that hellscape of the old world is the forbidden "Ladybomb", and once you hear her voice beckon you, all you can ever think about after getting out of the gauntlet... is going back in.

DM: Galactic Federation: a Metroid text-based rpg Captain Kasaguri Kamigawa woke from cryosleep to find her federation class D cargo ship in critical condition and pulled way off course by a blackhole gravity anomaly. After crashlanding on the planet Zebes (shortly after the events of Metroid Zero Mission) she has 6 hours of oxygen to try and survive by escaping the dying planet.

PC: The Wandering star. We are "Addies": hired mercenaries for the pirate armada led by Beckett the Bruce. Our ship, "The Wandering Star" is tasked with finding magic relics of the old world, and containing them in a special bag for safekeeping. But what happens when a simple retrieval mission reveals a mass conspiracy after the captain has been kidnapped by his own lover?

DM: Wildemount: Tears of the Gods. Mattieu Whitesong left paladin school early to inherit his late father's Dwendalian colony vassal state. He must lead his council and birth his nation while maintaining peace & civility among locals, law & order among his adversaries, and foreign diplomacy among his contemporaries, all while finishing his Father's holy quest to seek out the false gods of wildemount, and, trying to maintain his relationships with friends and loved ones along the way.

DM: Dooki Black and the Motley Crew My 7-year-old nephew's campaign. Played with family on game nights, this is an introductory open-world adventure following the chaotic adventures of a chaotic Dragonborn.

PC: Age of Worms 5e a magazine published module in the 00's. The wizard Allustan has hired adventurers to help uncover a soon coming prophecy about an age of parasitic worms that turn the living into an undead hivemind. Cults, Illithids, Dragons.... and worms... lots and lots of worms.

PC: Seige of Vraks. A 5e adaptation of one of the most gruesome trench wars of the Warhammer universe.

DM: 'Tails' of the Refugee Paladins Every generation the spirit of the great chief selects a Dragonborn in their brood village worthy to carry the mantle of the chosen. This hero is guided by the great chief and is called to places and times when a hero is needed most. This TTRP is based on "The Weeping War" during the great elvish exodus from Cormanthor. Rumors had spread that there was a "dragon man" who came and protected the innocent, leading many to safety. These rumors are the Tales of the Refugee Paladin.

DM: H&K's infinite playlist. Kelemvor is allowing certain people to escape death under the blood moon solstice that comes once every 2222 years. Now indebted and in servitude, they must do the bidding of Kelemvor in an ongoing war against the Raven Queen before the solstice ends, else the end of days could be upon all life in the material realm.... which, don't get me wrong... is cool and all... to be so important to the fate of the world... but... it kind of feels more like an internship of boring errand work than a battle for Armageddon. Picking up the dry cleaning? Fetching Groceries? Who are we to question the gods? Maybe we should've picked death instead.

DM: My Immortal 3: Mistveils of Natedight. Double dates and edgelord jokes for a group of married couples looking for a laugh and to kill some time with friends during the coof19. A Monster Hunter World inspired open-world island adventure.

DM: Into the Dark: A Criminal Minds Saga Chaotic Evil Tiefling Urchin, Arias Aranus, has committed a terrible crime. He cannot remember it and literally cannot process it when confronted with facts. Fragmented between a lucid recollection of memories experienced out of order and shaded with the rose-colored glasses of his own schizophrenia, Arias must retrace his steps, albeit he isn't sure which layer of his life is his actual reality. If he is to rise to power and complete his contract blood pact, Arias must keep his cool in the face of going insane, in one timeline or another.

Enjoys Playing
D&D 5E
Actively Seeking Group For
Cyberpunk Red, D&D 5E