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Chris P.

t Member since 01/28/17 / G GM of 2 games / 176 Hours Played / 62 Forum Posts
<p>What started out as just a 2018 new year&#39;s resolution has evolved into a new born passion for creativity and adventure. I’ve fallen in love with the stories being told, and &quot;living&quot; in the stories themselves. Roleplaying and being part of great and engaging stories is really what has kept me invested in this hobby.</p> <p>I feel I bring an ice breaker mentality to the games I play in. I want to hear what others have to say and I enjoy listening to the exposition and plot those players develop even when I’m not necessarily part of the spotlight. I also stand against hate and am all about inclusive gaming.</p> <p>I think I would like to try my hand at DMing one day, but right now I feel as if I need more experience first. Who knows what’s In store.</p>
Enjoys Playing
D&D 5E
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Apocalypse World System ( The Sprawl, Monster Hearts... ), D&D 5E, Pokemon ( Tabletop United, Adventure ), World of Darkness ( Vampire, Werewolf, Mage... )