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t Member since 02/04/17 \/ G GM of 42 games \/ 4329 Hours Played \/ 284 Forum Posts

Long time gamer. My favorite game of all time is Changeling: The Dreaming with a bit of tinkering. I have played and/or GMed just about every iteration of D&D (I old), Cyberpunk, Shadowrun, Old World of Darkness, GURPS, Star Wars, and probably a dozen more games over my 30+ years of playing. (Dang, I'm really old). I am currently running several D&D 5E games. If you're looking for a game, talk to me I may have one open. While I joke about my age, I freely admit that I have learned more from younger GMs & players than elder ones.

I'm here for us to have fun. What's fun for me as a player is to overcome challenges. So that's what I try and build when I run - challenges, not deathtraps. To put it another way, I respect the energy it takes to create and breathe life into a character; PCs won't die on a whim.

When I play, I favor simple beat-face characters because I do all the thinky for games I run. I also don't do any rules-lawyer nonsense. Person running is in charge, I trust them, and I don't argue. I like roleplay and will do so to the hilt.

Throughout my 25+ years of running games, my games are nearly always diverse with no one gender more than 60% of the players. I am respectful of all races, genders, & orientations and prefer to play with folks that share this outlook. I prefer to run games and play in games with a diverse crowd. I highly recommend it. Gaming is a fun, collaborative effort, emphasis on collaborative; the more diversity, the better the game.

I'm located in the USA, Eastern Time Zone

I usually maintain a newcomer game for newer players so that they may learn how to play with less pressure. If you're new and looking for a game, talk to me. You can reach me at or Lorax008#2973 on Discord

I am not actually GMing as many games as it lists. Most of those are idle or test games.
On a personal note, I am a happily married cis white guy that has a cat that sometimes climbs my chair during game sessions.

Enjoys Playing
D&D 5E, Shadowrun ( Any Edition )
Actively Seeking Group For
D&D 5E, Shadowrun ( Any Edition )