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t Member since 02/25/17 \/ G GM of 38 games \/ 9585 Hours Played \/ 300 Forum Posts

Hello, my name is Kat/Robin (I go by either). I'm a professional DM currently running a few different groups through D&D 5e and Call of Cthulhu 7e. I started playing Tabletop games about seven years ago after stumbling across some one-shots at a convention, and since then it has become my main hobby. The idea of a story that can be built together and then changes each time depending on the group and their choices is one that really drew me in. I've always loved storytelling, but writing was often a pretty lonely time. At least it is in comparison to Tabletop games, where no one fully what is going to happen next, and I can react to and grow the campaign with other people who think of things I never would have come up with on my own.

In addition to D&D, I also have ventured out into short games of Vampire: The Masquerade, Call of Cthulhu, Cyberpunk Red, and Blades in the Dark. I love political intrigue, suspense, and social adventures. As my choice in games probably gives away. Fighting can be fun occasionally but definitely isn't why I play tabletop games.

I also do a lot of advocacy work, and this often bleeds into my DMing where I want to create nuanced, diverse stories and a welcoming environment for players of all backgrounds. I want the tables I play at to be similarly welcoming of diversity and an environment where everyone can feel safe enough to create a fun group without the worry of harassment or bigotry. I'm also a queer woman myself, and a disability advocate, so it's a point that's also for my own benefit as I've come across tables before where conflict has come up and nothing was done.

I'm not going to bring up politics around casual groups that aren't on the same page about that, but I also don't want to be excited to join a game only to find out there are players there who take other people's presence as an insult by default. I don't condone it at my tables and I won't sit there and passively accept it at others when I'm supposed to be making new friends and enjoying an adventure.

My style of play as a PC usually pulls me towards roguish types and characters with useful out-of-combat skill sets. My preferred games are story driven and allow flexible creative roleplay. Usually, I enjoy more "serious games", not in that there can't be funny moments, but again, I like it somewhat focused. More complex plots. Not really dungeon heavy in the sense of the classic dungeon crawls.

If you're looking for a DM, I am a paid DM and am currently running games as my main job, so unfortunately, I would not have the time or space to run any free games on request right now. But if you're interested in a paid game, you can find my Startplaying profile here. Just know my slots are currently limited mostly to during the daytime in EST:

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