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I've played plenty of D&D 3.5 in high school and after high school, I've played almost every roll including dungeon master. I'm a complex player who enjoys a good balance between role play encounters and combat encounters and I can be extremely diplomatic. I keep to my characters personality regaurdless of the situation even if it would mean betraying a party member and as such I tend to avoid single sided rolls such as good or evil. All my characters have there own agendas and there own twists to there build and I add at least one personality flaw to every one of them to make them more interesting. My favorite part of table top role playing games like D&D is developing characters and watching them grow so I don't throw fits when/if one dies because to me that opens me up to all the possibilities of my next character. I like challenging campaigns with mystery and unique plot twists and storyline, and I always prefer home brew games sense they are more open to altered storyline if we don't follow the DM's expected course of action.
PS; I've never played pathfinder but at the moment that is what I'm most interested in playing.

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