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Dylan L.

t Member since 07/09/13 \/ G GM of 1 games \/ 1787 Hours Played \/ 5797 Forum Posts

Long time GM of Rifts, Mekton Zeta (before that Mekton II), Beyond the Supernatural, Robotech, Cyberpunk 2020 and a few other games here & there.

Currently running one of THE longest running meta-plot Rifts campaigns around; started when the 1st edition 1st printing of the original Rifts Main-Book was published and the 'verse has been going on ever since, evolving as new material comes out. Players and groups have come and gone, but the story lives on.

Most of my inspirations come from a vast and varied collection of genre media; film, RPG's novels and even just random artworks. ;-)==)
Play in my sandbox and you'll be suprised what you may encounter.

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