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Dylan L.

t Member since 07/09/13 / G GM of 1 games / 1457 Hours Played / 4974 Forum Posts
<p>Long time GM of Rifts, Mekton Zeta (before that Mekton II), Beyond the Supernatural, Robotech, Cyberpunk 2020 and a few other games here &amp; there.<br/><br/> Currently running one of THE longest running meta-plot Rifts campaigns around; started when the 1st edition 1st printing of the original Rifts Main-Book was published and the &#39;verse has been going on ever since, evolving as new material comes out. Players and groups have come and gone, but the story lives on.</p> <p>Most of my inspirations come from a vast and varied collection of genre media; film, RPG&#39;s novels and even just random artworks. ;-)==)<br/> Play in my sandbox and you&#39;ll be suprised what you may encounter.</p>
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