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Aldric B. T./TheTranMan

t Member since 05/12/17 / G GM of 13 games / 2278 Hours Played / 157 Forum Posts
<h2>Major Fun Time</h2> <p>I good sir or madam, is what you call a Dungeon Master. I enjoy putting characters through entertaining-ish games.<br/> I swear I&#39;m on your side at all times, we just have to compromise sometimes. <br/> You could also say I&#39;m a lonely sad bastard, but there&#39;s nothing wrong with that right?<br/> I&#39;ve rambled on in this bio, who even reads stuff like this.<br/> Haha you&#39;ve read your fill I suppose: my creativity is like liquid in vats, you&#39;re just getting a mildly refined and finished product.<br/> Though the product does spoil on its way to the market, enjoy it for what it is alright, time is an agent and I&#39;m on a witness protection program.<br/> I may or may not the epitome of having a maxed Wisdom and low Intelligence.</p> <p>What is it that you want from me? <br/> I&#39;ve played only two years worth of D&amp;D 5e, dabbled with Starfinder/Pathfinder, ran amok with my own systems of my own designs (like a Fallout TTRPG, Wasteland sounds pretty good for that though). I believe myself to be a commendable GM, commendable person is up for debate even though I&#39;d like to improve myself as well. <br/> I have run a highschool campaign from start to finish, so I know how to deal with such, but I am a mere youngling myself.<br/> I enjoy playing video games, have never touched skyrim, and believe that I am capable of creating a masterpiece videogame myself.</p>
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D&D 5E
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D&D 5E, Starfinder