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t Member since 05/28/17 \/ G GM of 0 games \/ 118 Hours Played \/ 290 Forum Posts

I run the Roll20-Only Text Games Club for playing text-only using only the Roll20 website (no external sites within the club). The club does not exclude players who do other things outside the club.

I run the Burning Wheel Workshop, a separate game to learn Burning Wheel. Players can use the game room any time but I post my "office hours" in the forum. The official game date and time are just markers.

I have a Roll20Con game called New Players Dive Into the Retro Deep End, which is a learn-by-doing session for total newbs using the retro AD&D 2nd Edition system. No prior knowledge is needed, and you don't need to have the books.

I'm GMing Random Adventures, a D&D 5E game for four players that will have its third session on Sunday, June 18, 2017, at 3 pm EDT. The game is for four players. If it isn't listed then it's full.

I'm GMing Champions of Her Bounty, an AD&D 2E adventure set in the Neo-Medieval fantasy future of Greenland long after climate change has made us extinct and new races have evolved. It's publicly listed.

I'm also a member of Knights of the Written Word 2, a gathering place for discussion and play of text-only games, including those that use external sites.

I enjoy playing and GMing D&D 5E, AD&D 2E, and Call of Cthulhu, but Burning Wheel is destined to be my favourite once I've mastered it. I want to try the Simple Fantasy System and perhaps Pathfinder. I don't use voice/video or external sites when playing on Roll20, but have no problem with other people doing it in non-club games.

Enjoys Playing
AD&D ( 1st Edition and 2E ), Call of Cthulhu ( Any Edition ), D&D 5E, Other Games
Actively Seeking Group For
AD&D ( 1st Edition and 2E ), Call of Cthulhu ( Any Edition ), D&D 5E, Other Games