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General Information

Over the years, I've had the pleasure of learning and playing a large number of games both historical and modern. In regards to RPGs, I have played and run D&D (multiple editions), Call of Cthulhu, and Torg Eternity but I'm interested in learning others including: Elemental, Cypher System, Savage Worlds, Apocalypse World System, and Star Trek Adventures. My play style tends to be relaxed as I enjoy seeing how a story unfolds. I also prefer tales and characters that are grounded and more realistic than super-powered.

D&D Information

I've been playing D&D since the early 80s and recently picked up a 5E habit. While I am very interested in finding a group that needs a regular player, I have found that my DM skills are in greater demand. As such, I have taken to hosting one-shot modules and some longer homebrew campaigns based on adventures that I have published or are currently in development. Recently I began expanding my options through purchased modules to reduce the amount of preparation required to set up the game. Unfortunately, many of the modules are cost prohibitive so I have not added all of the ones I would like to get yet.

As a DM, I do my best to be fair and provide a fun experience for everyone (myself included). To achieve this goal, I have the following guidelines for all of my games.

1. Do not attempt to be a rules lawyer.
I am open to discussing rules before or after a game, but do not interrupt a game to argue about a ruling. Note that there is a difference between asking a question and telling the DM that "the book doesn't say that". For those that don't know the difference, the book is a guideline that is interpreted by the DM. Asking how something works results in an answer often pulled from the books. Being argumentative results in a space at the table. If there are concerns about a ruling or discrepancy, bring it up outside of the active session and we can discuss it.
2. I do not include Unearthed Arcana or DnDWiki races/classes in my games.
End of Discussion
3. Unless specifically stated for the game, I recommend against choosing monstrous races.
It isn't much fun to start every adventure having your character run out of town by an angry mob. Monstrous races include: goblinoids, kobolds, yuan-ti, orcs, etc.
4. I am open to granting RP boons and requests, but they are at my discretion.
I am more than happy to help build a character background and supply story tie-ins so long as they are not unbalancing to the general plot.
5. I am a narrator/referee. I guide and control the storyline.
Players are responsible for their character's actions and motivations. As in real life, choices have consequences. If a character chooses to be a lone wolf or detrimental to the party, they will likely find themselves in difficult situation without help.

Help fund my DM habit.

Enjoys Playing
Board Games ( Settlers of Catan, Chess... ), D&D 5E
Actively Seeking Group For
Apocalypse World System ( The Sprawl, Monster Hearts... ), Burn Bryte, Call of Cthulhu ( Any Edition ), Cypher System Games ( Numenera, The Strange... ), D&D 5E, Dungeon World, OVA, Other Games, Star Trek Adventures, Stars Without Number