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Pedro S.

t Member since 06/02/17 / G GM of 2 games / 1224 Hours Played / 13 Forum Posts

Hello, I am Pedro, I'm an electrical engineer in the USA East Coast. I Some experience playing D&D. I started playing my first game a little more than two years ago.

I'm a bit of an weird introvert. One moment I can be super engaged and asking a lot of questions (maybe annoyingly so), and then I may go silent. Usually its because I am thinking of our situation and its taking me a bit to come up with a plausible idea. But sometimes its because I fear that I am making the game less fun for others and I want to avoid that and let everyone have fun.

I have recently started to DM my first homebrew campaign. So far it's gone relay well, it been about four months and its still going.

The class I like play most is a warlock but I do think it is good to branch out and try other classes.

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