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I'm a twenty-something Swede who spends most of the time sitting around thinking about things. I love TTRPGs, videogames and all things music related. I'm still a newbie to roleplaying but I would love to learn and improve! I am able to devote most of my time to the hobby and would love to get caught up in a long campagin. I'm very flexible with rules and my characters, and i want to learn to how be a better GM.

I have chronic pain but it's not going to affect any game I'm in. I'm transitioning male to female but please don't be discouraged, I'm not a social justice warrior in any way and I don't want it impact anything game-related, it really doesn't even matter that much (to me). Just figured I'd mention it because honesty and transparency is important!

Hit me up! You won't be sorry! I hope!


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