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t Member since 07/30/17 \/ G GM of 14 games \/ 1495 Hours Played \/ 464 Forum Posts

About me:

Hello! My name's Dennis. I've been DMing for many years, and have gotten pretty familiar recently with Roll20. Used to be an Intel software engineer before I went into lots of other things.

My DMing style:

I'm a fairly relaxed DM. My games tend more towards fun and humour, and laughs usually come quick and often. I know the rules, and when they should or shouldn't be bent. The key point is that the group as a whole must be having fun.

Why do I charge?

Have you ever encountered any of the following?

  • Days or weeks of submitting applications before you finally get into a game.
  • Flaky teammates or DMs.
  • Real life interruptions way too frequently. Especially when it's the DM.
  • No-shows or dropouts. Especially when it's the DM. After you've spent a month building your character's backstory.
  • Oversized parties, resulting in lack of attention to individual players and encounters that take forever.

Every experienced D&D player has a dozen stories about bad experiences like that. For a small fee, not only can we eliminate the above problems, by making sure everybody values the game just as much, but it also allows me to spend more time preparing for the game and investing in props here on Roll20. It means I can spare the time to answer your questions, help you out with your character background, or whatever else you need. Win-win!

Enjoys Playing
D&D 5E