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Darren P.

t Member since 08/12/17 \/ G GM of 16 games \/ 2879 Hours Played \/ 134 Forum Posts


My name is Darren; I'm a university student pursuing an education in the biological sciences (Evolutionary-Development and Genetics) and biological anthropology. Science and accurate science communication is my passion, but my childhood aspirations centred entirely on worldbuilding. In an ideal world, I could wholly devote myself to improving my writing and worldbuilding, thereby crystallizing a career as a science-fiction or fantasy novelist. Fortunately, it turns out D&D is a spectacular substitute!

Admittedly, my experience as a DM is sorely lacking; I was introduced to D&D only a year ago. Since then, I've devoured the core rulebooks and learned the intricacies of roll20. I hope to provide you—the players—with a D&D experience that's memorable, rewarding, and enduring. An absence of a decade of experience might separate me from mechanical intimacy, but it doesn't preclude entertaining games.

I strive to incorporate, embody, and communicate Joseph Campbell's monomyth (or the Hero's Journey) in all my games, individualizing the template for each character. As evocative as the monomyth is, the categorized stages of progression are generalized and frustratingly vague. Thus, I prefer shifting and subverting the Hero's Journey; perhaps you work backwards, paring and disavowing a victory to induce an existential epiphany. I also frequently employ Carl Jung's archetypes: whereas the Collective Unconscious is empirically elusive in our world, fiction and fantasy allow for wide suppositions. Every character invariably demonstrates archetypes; the quintessential Chosen One is indicative of the Child archetype (including the emphasis of its negative or regressive implications), while the Wise Old Woman cements the eternal wisdom of the feminine spirit, typically identified as the Great Mother Goddess; she is primaeval and omnipresent, a personification of the Earth and the nurturing offered by the female parent.

Ultimately, I wish to facilitate your journeys throughout epic, fantastical worlds—akin to the heroes of fiction we idealize. D&D provides us with endless possibilities, each branching into another avenue; I'm equally inspired by video games like Pillars of Eternity and Divinity Original Sin (which are themselves coincidentally inspired by D&D). Your characters are vehicles for your imagination; my only goal is to let your imaginations run rampant.

Enjoys Playing
Call of Cthulhu ( Any Edition ), D&D 5E, Pathfinder Second Edition